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Re: Good Morning!

@Hamsolo01 hey how are you going? Just done thirty minutes walking. Now resting sitting down. Hope to cook braised beef with potato,carrots and onion tonight

 Have a good afternoon.

Re: Good Morning!

Sounds good @Meowmy
Hope you enjoy it!

Re: Good Morning!

Ok sounds good @Hamsolo01 .. Netflix? Dvds 📀?

Re: Good Morning!

Just a series on foxtel atm @TAB not too bad. Called Banshee.
But might go do something else. Will get this series later.

How's it going in the west?

Re: Good Morning!
The line ‘ the West is the best ‘in there somewhere not that I believe that. @Hamsolo01

Re: Good Morning!

Nice @TAB
I am riding on the storm atm lol

Re: Good Morning!

Ah ha well they were very pretentious and derivative etc think name from some book

Re: Good Morning!

@greenpea how are you going beautiful bean? Is your good a bit better.

Re: Good Morning!

@TAB @Hamsolo01 @Sherry @Ant7 @greenpea hello everyone, hope you all are having a good afternoon. I am a bit down lol.Hope it improves soon.


Re: Good Morning!

Take it easy @Meowmy

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