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New Contributor

A Dilemma

Love people and love meeting people but have restricted mobility due to cracked vertebrae. If I want to go anywhere I  must catch a cab as I can’t drive because I have epilepsy. So I have no social life at all. I live in a country town so that’s even more isolating. I don’t drink or gamble and am married but my wife doesn’t drive either. We are an elderly couple.


So hows that for a dilemma? A person who absolutely loves meeting people that is grounded!! So I’m cut off from the human race so to speak.


Now I have a sister in the next town and her family has 5 cars and run a pub and a unit motel but in 20 years has never offered even a lift to woolies. She visits ocassionally and talks all about her problems and how many $thousands they made that week. I recently asked if she were going to woolies could she get something for me but when I saw her face become angry I stopped. She became hostile and so I withdrew my request and said calmly I would get a taxi. She then banged her coffee cup on the table and stormed out and got in her car and took off.


At that moment I felt my human dignity had been stripped from me, that I was no longer human but a dog that people kick cruelly for fun. I feel like an outcast, an untouchable, rejected and ostracised. My wife is a coloured person. We both agree we are lower than others and second class citizens. 


So the dilemma of getting around remains but worse is not knowing why we are not treated like humans but with contempt. It puzzles and deeply disturbs me these things. To try and gain back my human dignity I stood up for myself and texted my sister that it’s better she not call or visit anymore. I had to draw a line in the sand that I must, for the sake of my own health, show the door to those who wish to bully, intimidate and treat me cruelly.


I don’t want to ever see her again. But I do want to get out and meet people or even in my home. So I’m still trying to find ways to meet others. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Re: A Dilemma

@Frodobaggins Hi Frodobaggins and welcome to the forum Smiley Happy.  I would check with your doctor to see if you might be eligable for a ndis package. Through ndis a support worker would be assigned to you who could come and take you places like to do the shopping.  I have two and am really enjoying their company as I go for a walk or do the gardening.


If I think of anything else I will let you know. btw you were right to tell your sister to shove it Smiley Happy Take good care of yourself peaSmiley Happy

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