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New Contributor

Hubby with anxiety and depression

Hi all..... my hubby was diagnosed with depression and anxiety about 3 years ago. He spent 6 weeks in hospital 2 years ago getting medication sorted, but has plateaued. He has seen 3 psychiatrists and 2 psychologists in the 3 years. He hasn’t worked for 3 years. I am struggling with accepting that how he is will be my life from now on........


Re: Hubby with anxiety and depression

Hi @Notcara 


A very warm welcome to the SANE forum. I am the moderator this evening and I applaud you for reaching out to the forum community and posting about your own circumstances.  I am confident that the other forum members will be supportive and helpful. Maybe your involvement in the forum might make your life a little easier with your care of your hubby.


If you need assistance in using the forum please ask the moderators or refer to the guidelines.


Welcome aboard again and all the best.



Re: Hubby with anxiety and depression

hello and welcome @Notcara 

how are you today xx

you are not alone my friend

@Darcy, @Faith-and-Hope 


Re: Hubby with anxiety and depression

Hi and welcome to the forums @Notcara 👋


Its a tough situation, to be sure.


My hubby became ill when he started a weight loss effort some years ago. It has veered off into seriously eating disordered behaviours, which he believes are a healthy lifestyle change, and we can’t do anything about it without bringing the roof down on everything we hold dear ..... I suspect there is anxiety and depression fuelling this, but without a diagnosis we (kids and I) are trying to hold everything together well enough to keep walking along with him.  There are definitely recognised OCD behaviours mixed into it all,  and perhaps one or two other things.


Coming to terms with a changed life, particularly if you didn’t see it coming is really hard.  There are others here who have experienced something similar.  You are not alone.  Being here amongst s community who share the issues and understand the pain and complexity of it all makes a very big difference.


We have a thread here with caters hints and tips to help avoid burnout, and social threads to chat with others when you need a listening ear of a shoulder to cry on for a while.  Hearing about how others manage the difficulties of their own situation can provide advice, encouragement, empathy and companionship on the road.


Keep taking care of you.  You matter too ❣️


Re: Hubby with anxiety and depression

Hello @Notcara 👋

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