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Looking after ourselves

Re: Coping Box

I thought your username was familiar 😏 ..... welcome back @Lise07 👋

Re: Coping Box

Hi @Shaz51 @Gazza75 @Pilgrim @Daisy15 @Svety @Lise07 @Faith-and-Hope 

Welcome to those new to the forums or who I haven't met before.

This is the ToolBox list I mentioned that would go into my Coping Box :


Listen to music


personal grooming

don't avoid household chores

smoke less

walk more

shopping (choosing recipes and planning lists)


social activities such as art/craft/writing groups or courses such as computer skills

get into nature - beach and bush walks or just sitting quietly outdoors

mindfulness and breathing exercises or some sort of daily quiet time

swimming - I do water tai chi twice a week

MH drop-in centre, womens centre, writers centre, bridge playing

keep appointments

N.B.  Sleep Hygeine - the most important for me.  (you can google it, it's a set of      guidelines to follow for people with insomnia)


medication compliance - also crucial for me

adult colouring books, collage, crochet and craft stuff at home

zentangles (another one for you to google)

Meds, moods and sleep chart - helps monitor what's going on

spirituality - for me it's 'new age' and pagan type of stuff but each to their own

work on my WRAP

SANE forums



Hope it prompts some ideas from others.  


Re: Coping Box

hello @silverspoon there are some great tips here

Hello @eth , @Crazy_Bug_Lady , @Faith-and-Hope , @Lise07 , @Svety , @outlander 

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