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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Coping Box

Hi Guys,

My psychologist came up with an awesome idea to help me when I'm feeling urges to SH or suicidal or if I'm having a hard time coping.

It's called a Coping Box. You get a box and put things in that are helpful to you. So I have a good book, a disney movie, pictures of my pets and animals. It's also got some puzzles, a stuffed toy and a video game.

So @NikNik and I thought it'd be good to make one here for members. We can put in photos and quotes and all sorts of good things to help remind what we are fighting for.

I'm gonna put in some caramello koalas, and my favourite fuzzy blanket so you can wrap yourself up at feel cozy and safe.

I will also throw in a 'hug'. So if you ever need a hug, come over here and I'll be waiting and ready with a hug and ready to listen.

Woman Very Happy


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Re: Coping Box

Great idea.
I'm gonna put a picture of my dog here, she's so cute and surely everyone would love her. And also my favorite handkerchief so if anyone would need to swipe her/his tears off, it would be useful.

Re: Coping Box

Nice one @Jon22, nothing is better than a soft hanky! Me, I am going to add a pack of cards as playing patience has gotten me through some lonely days..

Re: Coping Box

What a fabulous idea @Crazy_Bug_Lady 

I would definitely add music to my coping box, different genres for different moods. 


Re: Coping Box

A box of chocolates not a big one just really good ones



Re: Coping Box

Thanks @Crazy_Bug_Lady for starting this thread. It is a terific idea. I also love the name. It reminds me of my youngest having a "cool-down bag" of highly tactile things to calm her down when she lost her temper badly. 

I would add my favourite song Nichole Nordemann's RIver God (the sound on my pesky pc is not working again so I can't listen to this rendition but I like the images they've used)

Another thing I'd add is a box of Kleenex Aloe Vera tissues, all the others are scratchy and give you a sore nose and eyes IMHO. (I call them "crying is welcome here" tissues!)

And finally my favourite quote

"I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being." Hafiz

And I think a coping box would be incomplete without a message of hope:

Hope for a healing journey endures...


Kindest regards, Kristin


Re: Coping Box

I love your suggestions @kristin and @SCORPION 

- Chocolate

- Tissues

I think I'll add a good tear-jerker film.


Re: Coping Box

Which film?
My Top 10 currently are
National Velvet
Finding Nemo
Lassie Come Home
The Green Mile
Stand By Me
Walkabout and
Ma Vie End Rose

I would also add some funny movies or episodes of TV shows The Mighty Boosh, Life of Brian, old episodes of Get Smart and Seinfeld

Re: Coping Box

Great question @Alessandra1992 !

I like the movies you suggested. Particularly the Green Mile, and Lassie Come Home.

I'm not sure I have a top 10, but the first 5 that come to mind, for when I'm feeling down or anxious are:

1.) Cafe De Flore - it's a French film about past lives and enduring connections.

2.) Forest Gump

3.) Ace Venture (can't help a bit of slap stick comedy!)

4.) Ameilie

5.) Short Circuit (A classic)



Re: Coping Box

Finding Nemo (sometimes Dory reminds me of me!)

Amelie for sure!

Spirited - a series

Life as a House


Episodes of Offspring and Sercret Life of us and Love my way.



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